Spanish Programs for Children (Spanish for Beginners Series)

Cha, Cha, Cha

Spanish for Beginners
Music CD

About the Artist

Jorge Anaya is an award-winning singer and songwriter, who has delighted audiences of all ages across the United States and Latin America. Jorge Anaya has been performing for children and adults for decades. A native of El Salvador, Jorge Anaya is currently a citizen of the United States residing in the Washington, DC area.


Track Listing

  1. EL BARCO CHIQUITO (The Tiny Boat)
  2. LAS VOCALES (The Vowels)
  3. BINGO
  4. LOS MESES (The Months)
  6. LAS ESTACIONES (The Seasons)
  7. QUE LLUEVA (Let It Rain)
  9. LOS DIAS DE LA SEMANA (Days of the Week)
  10. LOS NÚMEROS (The Numbers)
  11. EL FRUTERO (The Fruit Vendor)
  12. ESCONDIDOS (The Hiding Song)
  13. ME GUSTA VIAJAR (I Like to Travel)
  14. CINCO CALABAZAS (Five Pumpkins)